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Size matters: Ashcroft ranch giving away 50,000 pounds of wrong-size fruit

The Desert Hills Ranch Farm Market is urging the community to take as much as they want

An Ashcroft farmers market is turning heads for giving away thousands of pounds of fruit – all because it arrived in the wrong size.

On Aug. 11, Desert Hills Ranch Farm Market put a call out to the surrounding community members to come grab some of the 65,000 pounds of poorly sized cantaloupe, free of charge.

The cantaloupes are 1/4 inch too small, according to the market.

“With food shortages around the world it’s not right to dump something like this in the garbage.”

The market asked takers to also consider donating quantities to local food banks and thinking of those in need.

The next day, Desert Hills added undersized honeydew, roughly 20,000 pounds’ worth, to the mix.

“We are so happy to see this product go to such special people. All of you that shop at Desert Hills have become very important to us so we are so happy to be able to return the favour.”

Desert Hills is located at 250 Elm St.

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