SD27 discussed trustee options on Feb. 25

Parents don't want at-large trustees to replace area trustees

Only nine members of the public showed up for the School District #27 (SD27) Community Education Discussions meeting at Peter Skene Ogden Secondary School on Feb. 25.

Eight of those people were from the Bridge Lake/Interlakes area where the elementary school is on the chopping block for potential closure at the end of the school year.

One of the items being discussed was the options for changing school trustee electoral boundaries.

Option 1 was to keep the seven-trustee system and realign the electoral boundaries; option 2 was to reduce SD27 to three zones, with three at-large trustees in the 100 Mile House area, three in the Williams Lake area, and one for the east and west rural areas; option 3 was to divide SD27 into two regions with three trustees in the 100 Mile House area and four in the Williams Lake (and east/west rural) area.

The Bridge Lake/Interlakes group didn’t like the idea of having at-large trustees instead of being able to elect people from their specific area because that person would at least have an idea about what is going on in the community and knowledge of what’s needed there.

They noted the at-large trustees would likely be elected from 100 Mile House and Williams Lake because they have a much large voter base.

They clearly wanted option 1.