Reid: voters want elected officials to make tough decisions

District council needs to reach out to business owners, investors

Peter Reid

Councillor candidate


Are you in favour of an aquatic centre?

My thoughts are that very few politicians want to give a definitive yes or no answer.

I believe voters want their elected officials to make the hard decisions and my decision is easy, we can’t afford a pool at this time.

Some people with good paying jobs and good pensions might think different, but elected officials have to look at the whole picture – seniors on fixed incomes, low income families and the struggling business community.

There are a large number of houses and property for sale in the area, which is an indicator of a poor economy.


What is the most important thing you want to accomplish?

If elected, what I would like to accomplish are property owners concerns – not just the residential property owners but also the investors who own commercial and industrial property.

The majority of these investors have no voice in the community but play a very important role in shaping its direction.

I believe it is very important that council reach out to these investors to address their concerns and also search out new investors who would be interested in our community.