Jenni Guimond.

Realtor sees “desperate need” for seniors housing in 100 Mile House

Jenni Guimond is running to become a councillor at the District of 100 Mile House

Earlier this month the 100 Mile Free Press sent several questions to the candidates running for local council. Jenni Guimond’s answers are as follows. Some have been edited for length.

1. Who are you and what do you do for a living in the community?

I was born and raised in 100 Mile House and have lived here virtually my entire life, almost 39 years, other than briefly attending University in Kamloops. I am now raising a family of my own here and truly believe this is a wonderful community to live in and raise a family. After being a legal secretary for approximately 13 years, I decided to become a licensed realtor and have been working as such for just over five years now. I love working with people, helping them find their new homes or make transitions as their lives may require.

2. What has prompted you to run for council?

I love keeping busy, learning new things and challenging myself to always grow. I would like to bring a fresh perspective to council while working collaboratively with those who have valued knowledge and experience. I believe it is important for 100 Mile House to see economic growth and development in order to achieve long-term sustainability for future generations.

3. What do you see as the biggest issue facing the community, and how do you intend to tackle it?

Lack of industry. 100 Mile House has been a resource-based town for as long as I can remember. The closures of the mills saw the loss of a lot of well-paid employed families that had to relocate to be able to support themselves. It would be wonderful to see new industries and the creation of new, sustainable employment opportunities brought to our town. I believe this would allow the entire town, including small businesses, to grow and prosper. I intend to actively participate in discussions and boards to constructively collaborate and brainstorm with my peers and members of the community on how we can create solutions to this issue.

4. What type of development would you like to see in your community, and what steps would you take to attract it?

We are in desperate need of more seniors’ housing. I have already joined the Board of Directors for the 100 Mile House Senior Housing Society. Being a licensed realtor, I have seen first-hand and repeatedly the implications, challenges and heartache our seniors are facing while trying to transition their lives. I would further like to see progress on any developments that are going to create employment opportunities and a larger focus on tourism. We live in a beautiful area with opportunities to welcome both residents and visitors year-round to come and enjoy all we can offer.

5. If elected, what is the most relevant skill or experience you can contribute to council?

I believe with my 13 years as a legal secretary and in addition to 5 years as a licensed Realtor, I can provide valuable skills in economics, development, policies and procedures and how to navigate those while working to achieve a common goal. This coupled with the fact that I was born and raised in this community, I feel a vested interest to help contribute to the further development, success and prosperity of our town.

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