Suspected wallet thief and his vehicle. (RCMP photo)

Suspected wallet thief and his vehicle. (RCMP photo)

Possible wallet thief caught on camera in Lac la Hache

The weekly RCMP report for the 100 Mile House area

100 Mile House RCMP responded to 68 files during the past week (Nov. 27 to Dec. 3), some highlights are listed below:

Speeding over 50km/h

On Dec. 1 at 11:30 a.m., Cariboo Central Traffic Services (100 Mile RCMP section) conducted stationary radar enforcement along Horse Lake Road in 100 Mile House. The constable observed a white Ram truck with a temporary permit at a high rate of speed, more than 50 km/hr over the speed limit and so he stopped the vehicle. The driver showed signs of impairment and had open liquor in the vehicle. A .22 rifle was also seized from the vehicle for safe storage purposes under The Wildlife Act / Common Law as the driver’s BAC reading was over .100 (100mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood). The driver was given a 90-day immediate roadside prohibition as well as other offences. The investigation is ongoing. The case number is 2019-4373.

Stolen wallet

On Nov. 29, at 12:42 p.m., 100 Mile House RCMP responded to a report of a stolen wallet while in a local fast food restaurant in 100 Mile House. The complainant reported that her bank indicated her credit card had been used twice already prior to it being cancelled. Other identification was also taken by the suspect(s). Some still photos were obtained from one of the local businesses in the Lac la Hache area where a transaction occurred. The attached images are of a possible suspect and his vehicle. If you know the identity of the suspect, please contact the 100 Mile House RCMP at 250-395-2456 or Crime Stoppers. The investigation is ongoing. The case number is 2019-4356.

Break and enter

On Nov. 28 at 9:30 a.m., 100 Mile House RCMP responded to a break and enter to the compound at Lac la Hache Provincial Park near Lac la Hache. The fenced compound was entered by unknown suspects who in turn broke into a vehicle parked on the site and attempted to steal the vehicle. Nothing appeared stolen. Several items were seized for forensic examination. There were no suspects or witnesses to the break and enter. The investigation is ongoing. The case number is 2019-4345.

Patties stolen

On Nov. 27 at 11:43 a.m., 100 Mile House RCMP responded to a reported break and enter to the concession stand located at Outrider Grounds near Airport Road in 100 Mile House. The rear door had been forced open and approximately $100 dollars worth of frozen meat (hamburger patties) had been stolen. There is no witnesses to this event. There is a suspect in this matter, however, there is no further evidence to support a charge as a result of the investigation. The investigation has been concluded. The case number is 2019-4341.

Pedestrians in crosswalks

100 Mile House RCMP wish to remind members of the community that pedestrians have the right of way when crossing a street while engaged in an active crosswalk. We have received several reports, particularly along First Street and Highway 97/Birch Avenue in 100 Mile House, that pedestrians are crossing the street on their rightful walk signal and have nearly been struck by motorists turning onto that portion of the highway or avenue. It is best practice for drivers making the turn with pedestrians in the crosswalk to wait until the pedestrian reaches the other sidewalk or at the very least wait until the pedestrian clears the driver’s portion of the road before proceeding. A driver could face motor vehicle act offences or worse in the event of an investigation finding them at fault for their actions.

In the case of “jaywalking,” or a pedestrian crossing the street while not at a crosswalk, the pedestrian should yield the right of way to the vehicle, but there are lots of occasions when locals will pause to let pedestrians cross in-between intersections, especially in 100 Mile. The pedestrian should avoid these occasions and use the appropriate crosswalks. It is important as a driver that you exercise caution to avoid collisions with pedestrians who are on the road(s), period. The chance of injuring another person by not driving responsibly should be paramount in a driver’s mind as they commute through our neighbourhoods, just as a pedestrian should limit the chance of their personal safety being put at risk.

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