New restrictions for 108 water

Well maintenance and wear-out leads to public notice

The 108 Mile Ranch Water System now has expanded water restrictions underway until 5 p.m. today (June 11).

It began at noon on June 9 for structural repairs to the well, and until those are completed, only the water contained in the reservoirs is available.

This means no outdoor watering is permitted (not by hand or sprinkler), and residents are asked to minimize indoor usage by postponing laundry, reducing water for bathing and showering, flushing toilets only when required, and not leaving taps running when washing dishes and brushing teeth.

According to Cariboo Regional District staff, the cause is the well’s pitless adapter (a control part in the casing and pipe assembly), after an excavation to inspect it a couple of weeks ago revealed it was worn out.

This piece has been in place for about 25 years, and the well’s pump is also aging, so they will be replaced at the same time to help prevent further service interruptions.

New parts were arranged in the interim, as these pieces are not held in stock.

Residents on the water system who have related questions may contact the CRD environmental services department toll-free at 1-800-665-1636.