Mingo: aquatic centre not affordable at proposed cost

Fiscal responsibility: most important goal for upcoming term

Dave Mingo

Incumbent councillor


Are you in favour of an aquatic centre?

The South Cariboo could have an aquatic facility with an indoor pool, but not at the cost as proposed in the recent phone survey.

District of 100 Mile House Council needs to work with the Cariboo Regional District, the Aquatic Society, the Interlakes Economic Association and any other group that could help reduce the cost.

It will then be up to the voters of the South Cariboo to decide via referendum if they support an aquatic facility in the South Cariboo. It is not the local politician’s role to force anything on the public that they do not want.


What is the most important thing you want to accomplish?

The single most important thing I want to achieve in the upcoming term is fiscal responsibility.

Repaying the debt so tax dollars are not being used for interest payments.

Keeping tax rates competitive with other area municipalities to encourage investment in 100 Mile. Like the proposed gold recovery plant in our industrial park.

Building reserves to pay for future purchases and projects without having to take on new debt. Like the recent purchase of the new fire truck and the paving of the downtown core.

Building reserves for use when senior government infrastructure grants become available, we

will have the funds to match.

Not spending your tax dollars frivolously on luxuries or duplicating services already provided.


In short, being responsible with your hard-earned money.