Mayor clears air about refugee rumours

'We have nothing to do with the refugees plain and simple

Mayor Mitch Campsall started the Dec. 8 District of 100 Mile House council meeting by clearing the air regarding rumours that the District and the Cariboo Regional District (CRD) are looking into bringing Syrians refugees to the area.

“We have been getting e-mails and stuff like that saying we are involved in these things, but actually [municipal] government is not involved in it. Facebook, which is apparently 100 Mile’s new Bible, was saying we’re bringing 2,000 people in – come on, basically use your head – common sense prevails.

“We’re not against [re-settling refugees in the community] and we’re not for it. There are going to be some councillors who will be involved in it and there are going to be some councillors who are not going to be involved. In talking with [CRD chair] Al Richmond, neither of us is involved in this as a municipal government.”

Campsall suggests that folks could phone himself or Richmond and get the real information without the need for all the rumours.

“In our small community, how would we ever be able to take in 2,000 refugees? As a council, we’ve even been questioned about us taking over the junior high school to bring the refugees in.

“It couldn’t be any further from the truth. We have nothing to do with the refugees plain and simple.