Hadden in favour of aquatic centre but too expensive

Infrastructure expansion, upgrades, storm drains, sidewalks top of mind

Bill Hadden

Incumbent councillor


Are you in favour of an aquatic centre?

I am in favour of building the aquatic center as proposed.

It is a complex that was proposed to meet the needs of a community for 40-50 years.

I also doubt that it will be built. Simply put, it is just too expensive.

To build a smaller box in the ground pool would be doing a disservice to the community.

Spending $15 million plus operating costs is also a disservice.

The pool debate has been raging since about 1967; it won’t be stopping any time soon.


What is the most important thing you want to accomplish?

In the next term, I would like to see our in-ground infrastructure expanded to Exeter Road.

We need sewer and water to the CN crossing near the old Esso Bulk station. This would include service to the side streets.

As well, we need to loop water and sewer at 99 Mile.

The original downtown core of Cedar, Dogwood, Evergreen avenues, and Bridge Creek Place, as well as First, Second, Third, and Fourth streets need to have the sewer and water lines replaced. They were installed in 1958 to 1964 approximately.

At the same time as doing this, storm drains and sidewalks would be installed.

This can only be accomplished by strong, focused attention to finances. Work of this scope will be accounted for by using reserve funds to leverage grants from senior levels of government.