From the archives of the 100 Mile Free Press

From the archives of the 100 Mile Free Press

31 Years Ago (1988): The 100 Mile Food Bank registered 648 applicants who received over 425 hampers. Some additional 30 families called in hoping they would also be included in distribution. Depending on their size, the hampers were valued at $35 to $60. Each hamper contained bread, margarine, Kraft dinners, spaghetti and cranberry sauce, fresh and canned vegetables, pancake mix, coffee, fruit juice and crystals, jam, oats, flour, soup, eggs as well as ham or turkey.

23 Years Ago (1996): Local companies filled two out of three spots in a timber sale awarded by Forests Minister David Zirnhelt. If new rules for evaluating bids under the Forest Service’s small business program have been used, local companies could well have taken the whole sale. Zirnhelt announced the new criteria while awarding four-year timber sale licences in the 100 Mile House Forest District to local log home builders, selected under the old criteria.

19 Years Ago (2000): Two cases of canine parvovirus were detected in the 103 Mile area. Local veterinarian Dr. Gordon Laity said that he had treated two dogs from 103 Mile afflicted with parvo. The first case appeared in mid-November, with a second case showing up in early December. Canine parvo is a vius transmitted through the feces of dogs and can survive in the environment “for at least a year.” The virus attacks the intestinal lining and bone marrow, lowering the white blood cell count.

11 Years Ago (2008): It was a cold weekend in the 100 Mile District General Hospital. Very late on Friday, the computer system that controls the heating system malfunctioned. Hospital staff worked hard over the weekend to manually operate the system and got it up and running on Sunday afternoon. Darshan Lindsay, hospital spokesperson, said that turning the heat back on in the hospital isn’t as easy as turning up the thermostat at home.

6 Years Ago (2013): Several community leaders were among a host of others from across the province who attended a rally supporting a New Prosperity Mine in Vancouver. South Cariboo Chamber of Commerce directors Len Doucette and Allan Roberts and local businessman Nick Christianson joined business, political, and mining association leaders along with other stakeholders who fathered to voice support for the Cariboo-Chilcotin mining project.

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