B.C. Wildfire is currently implementing the use of controlled ignitions to fight the Flat Lake Wildfire that created a large plume of smoke visible from Exeter Road. (Patrick Davies photo - 100 Mile Free Press)

Firefighters focus efforts on west flank of Flat Lake wildfire

Winds increase activity

Firefighters were focusing their efforts Tuesday on the west flank of the Flat Lake fire, following an increase in activity due to a shift in winds.

BC Wildfire information officer Jessica Mack said the north and northwest winds resulted in the fire jumping over the guard on the southwestern portion of the line but is now burning back into the fire. Heavy equipment will wrap the area with a fuel-free guard to ensure no further growth, she said, while bucketing efforts continues on the wildfire, estimated at 68, 551 hectares.

“We’re making good progress now that temperatures have decreased,” she said. “We’ll just take advantage of the cooler conditions and try to make a lot of headway.”

Danger tree assessments and falling were expected to occur Tuesday. On the northwestern flank, heavy equipment has constructed a fuel-free guard along the west flank of the excursion and today will focus efforts on widening this newly built control line and pre-existing roads to further secure the area. The wildfire activity was dampened by the conditions seen over the fire Monday.

Skimmers worked along the north side of Moose Valley Park, while firefighters will set up a water delivery along this line and conduct mop-up operations up to 50 feet. If fire behaviour allows, heavy equipment will use direct attack methods on the north side of the excursion along the fire perimeter. Skimmers are also on site to help cool hot spots on the northern flank.

The 1100 road up to the 37 kilometre has been widened and efforts are now focused on the Helena Lake North FSR located to the northeast of Moose Valley Park. Firefighters will continue to clean up the line near Holden Lake by conducting mop-up operations along the perimeter of the fire. On the northeastern corner, firefighters will continue to use direct attack methods to secure the fires edge up to 100 feet by patrolling and extinguish hot spots from 87 Mile to 83 Mile, prioritizing areas near properties. These efforts will also occur on the northeastern corner.

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