Findlay Meats not closing

Findlay Meats is not closing. Only its slaughter licence slated to end Dec. 31.

The article, headlined Ranchers react to meat co-op collapse, on the front page of the Dec. 14 Free Press included an incorrect statement in a quote by Neil Morrison.

The quote in the last line of the article read: “I hope everybody involved and affected will write to our MLA and to the Ministry of Agriculture and express why Findlay’s should stay open.”

Findlay Meats is not closing.

It will continue to offer all of its existing services to the community, with the sole exception of the kill floor (slaughter service).

Rob and Lia Morrison of Findlay Meats would like to reassure all their customers they will continue to welcome their business, as well as new customers.

Only its slaughter licence is slated to end Dec. 31, hence the current movement to lobby the government.

All other Findlay Meats services and products remain unchanged.