The new mascot, “Foxy Moonbeam,” for the 100 Mile Nordics. (Submitted)

The new mascot, “Foxy Moonbeam,” for the 100 Mile Nordics. (Submitted)

Eliza Archie student inspires 100 Mile Nordics mascot

‘Foxy Moonbeam’ picked as mascot name

Kimberly Vance-Lundsbye


It was a morning of surprises on Monday, Dec. 9, at Eliza Archie Memorial School in Canim Lake. 100 Mile Nordics members Kristi Iverson, Karen Johnson-Puckett, and Amanda Patterson visited the school to thank student Riviana (River) Bob who inspired the club’s new mascot.

For the past three years, a particularly bold and beautiful fox has called the area around the cross-country ski lodge its home. It is frequently seen from the lodge’s front deck and skiers have noticed that the ground squirrel population has rapidly declined since it moved in.

Last season, when Eliza Archie students participated in the free Ski S’Kool program for Grade 3 students in the South Cariboo, young Bob was asked what the club might call the fox and, without hesitation, she replied, “Foxy Moonbeam!”

The name stuck. Foxy Moonbeam has become the ‘foxy face’ of our club and a sleek life-like mascot has joined our team. She made her debut at the Santa Claus Parade leading the club’s Viking ship down Birch Ave.

To thank River, the club gifted her a hoodie, a foxy toque and a ski pass for choosing the perfect name. Eliza Archie Memorial School invited the club members present to participate in the student-led smudging ceremony and drumming circle. The ceremony is held Monday mornings in the school’s gathering space. Every person steps forward to receive the ceremonial smudging and has a chance to speak as the talking stick is passed around.

While at the school, Amanda Patterson, the Ski S’Kool coordinator was busy pre-sizing ski gear for all of the students who will be joining the club this season.

Foxy Moonbeam will be leading a group ski (or walk, weather-depending), to Beanstalk Cabin for carolling on Dec. 21 at the Nordics Solstice Celebration of Lights event. There will be a “button-pushing” for the new lighting system that allows for night-skiing around the Gentle Giant.

An ice candle and lantern labyrinth will light the woods, with torch juggling throughout the evening. The parade’s Viking ship will be dressed for the holidays for all to enjoy.

Trail passes are free and there will be food to purchase from local producers C.E.E.D.S and Summit Sausage. 100 Mile Nordics encourages past and new community members to join in on this family-friendly event to celebrate the season from 4 to 8 p.m.

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Riviana (River) Bob picked the name for the new mascot. (Submitted)

Riviana (River) Bob picked the name for the new mascot. (Submitted)