Election introduction, question 1 Reid

Bringing fresh approach to help build stronger economy

Peter Reid

Councillor candidate


My wife and I moved to the Cariboo over 20 years ago and currently run a small business in 100 Mile House.

I am a very strong community-minded person who works hard for what I believe in. I am a director of the Agriplex Society, which saved the Stan Halcro arena; president of the local dog club; and chair of the South Cariboo chapter of Back Country Horsemen.

I have a strong background in business and understand the commitment it takes to be successful. I decided to run for councillor because there needs to be a change of viewpoint to obtain economic recovery after the collapse of the log home industry.


Your question on plans for economic development and how to promote this development to bring jobs to the community is difficult. An easier question would be when would the Canucks win the Stanley Cup?

First, no one person can accomplish this without the co-operation of the whole community. We need to focus on our strengths, not on what we don’t have.

Council needs to target commercial and industrial opportunities and work in partnership with the business community if we want to improve the local economy. If elected I would bring a fresh approach to council to help build a stronger economy while maintaining that small-town appeal.