Election introduction, question 1 Pinkney

Trade school a great start to economic development

Maureen Pinkney

Mayoral candidate


Maureen: daughter of Larry and Ann Pinkney

Larry came to Canim Lake in 1945 with his parents and siblings where they worked hard on their ranch; his dad was a millwright. Ann came to 100 Mile House in 1951 with her family and also has lived here ever since.

Dad worked very hard, 60-80 hours a week as a residential, commercial and industrial electrician. Mom did the bookwork, and together they started an electrical business and a furniture store. They both worked very hard, living without any of today’s frills to strive for a solid future.

They built a few commercial buildings and are now retired, still here, showing that hard work and living within your means pays off. I have those same philosophies.

I was born here and have always been very active in volunteering, working, and striving to better our community. I believe you should vote for me because of my dedication, proven record to get things done, openness, and work ethic.

The Cadet building on Horse Lake Road – $535,000 built without any taxpayers’ dollars is a great example of that commitment.



We have not seen any new commerce for quite some time. A Trade School is a great start to that and expanding on our agriculture assets.

We have two great Industrial Areas to attract new manufacturing. Our Retail sector has shrunken to an all time low. We can look to expand our Medical Care Facilities and so much more.