Election introduction, question 1 McCarvill

McCarvill: economic development is number 1 priority

John McCarvill

Councillor Candidate


John McCarvill has lived in the Cariboo for nearly 25 years.

Presently, he and his wife, Evva, own and operate Yummers EnRoute in 100 Mile House.

In addition to the restaurant, John has worked as a self-employed consultant doing economic development and employment readiness work for both government and the private sector.

John is very active in the community where he sits on the South Cariboo Agri-Culture Enterprise Centre board as the Secretary/Treasurer; the Agriplex Society Board; a member of the Chamber of Commerce; a member of the Cariboo Family Enrichment Centre and under the auspices of his restaurant, he is a Gold Sponsor of the 100 Mile Wranglers and supports many organizations through donations.



Economic development is my number 1 priority.

I believe that a complete review of our budget is necessary, so that we can allocate funding towards the hiring of an economic development officer.

We are presently focusing on planning, but not how to create a business-friendly environment. Creating new jobs allows our community the ability to provide the services and recreation we deserve.

I suspect that we need to revisit the District’s approach to Development Cost Charges. These charges are, of course, necessary; however, they need to make sense to land developers and they absolutely must be competitive.

We can no longer rely on traditional resource jobs, the future is in value-added manufacturing, technology and green-energy solutions.