Election introduction, question 1 Hadden

Fair tax environment will attract new businesses, investors

Bill Hadden

Incumbent councillor


Maureen and I have been married for 28 years, we have three daughters and two granddaughters.

We own and operate four small businesses for the last 31 years.

I have spent the last six years on council as a councillor.

Since being on council, we have done a tangible capital asset (TCA) plan, an economic plan, and an operation plan.

Through these we have a value of $41,274,850 of hard assets.

We have identified where we are deficient in reserve and capital funds.

We have identified where we need to upgrade sewer and water, as well as opportunities for new systems.

Our operational funds and reserve funds are being built by being conservative with your tax dollars.

The TCA funds will have to be accrued in a steady, consistent manner from tax revenues.

With these funds, we will leverage grant money from senior governments.

Debt reduction and reserve building have been a constant for the last six years. We are in a position to relax all current debts within the next four years.



I am of the opinion that municipal governments should focus on water, sewer, roads, and emergency services.

By providing a clean, healthy and finically sound environment, we can attract and retain new businesses.

Upgrades to existing water and sewer, as well as new water and sewer services to Exeter Road are a priority.

We can provide a fair and equitable tax environment to attract new businesses.