Jesse McCormick, Liberal

Jesse McCormick, Liberal

Liberal Party: Jesse McCormick

  • Sep. 20, 2021 8:50 a.m.

What will you do specifically for rural communities?

I was raised in a rural agricultural community. I have built my campaign around the concept of putting communities first. That means developing local solutions that meet local objectives. I would commit to regular and structured dialogues with rural communities in our riding to ensure that rural concerns are prioritized.

How do you plan to prepare our rural communities for future wildfires, flooding and other natural disasters?

I would advocate for increased investments in rural emergency response management and improved coordination with local First Nations. The Liberal Party of Canada has committed to train 1,000 new community-based firefighters, expand Indigenous-led fire crews and build capacity to better incorporate Indigenous traditional knowledge strategies in fire management. We will also invest $450 million ahead of the next fire season to help provinces invest in the equipment needed to fight wildfires.

How will you ensure health care specialists are available locally to rural residents?

A re-elected Liberal government will expand the number of family doctors and primary health teams in rural communities, by increasing by 50 per cent (from $40,000 up to $60,000 over five years) the maximum debt relief that family doctors, residents in family medicine, nurse practitioners, or nurses are eligible for the under Canada Student Loans forgiveness program.

How will you address issues with childcare in rural areas?

Having access to affordable childcare is critical to ensuring the strength of our economy. A re-elected Liberal government will fully implement $10 a day for childcare to make life more affordable for families. We are also committed to building 250,000 new high-quality childcare spaces and hiring 40,000 more early childhood educators.

How will you ensure affordable housing in rural communities, especially for seniors and those on fixed incomes?

A re-elected Liberal government will implement a multifaceted housing plan focused on building and revitalizing more affordable housing, protecting your rights and reducing the costs of housing. We will double the Home Accessibility Tax Credit to help cover the costs of additions, alterations or renovations to make homes more accessible for a disabled person or senior citizen. We will also raise wages for personal support workers, including a guaranteed minimum wage of at least $25 per hour, and train up to 50,000 new personal support workers. 

What do you intend to do to get people back to work during and after COVID-19?

The most important step that we can all take to get people back to work during and after COVID-19 is to get vaccinated. By choosing not to get vaccinated, those individuals are putting their entire community at risk and their actions are having a significant negative impact on the local economy.

We will extend the Canada Recovery Hiring Program to March 31, 2022 and continue to help the hard-hit tourism industry with temporary wage and rent support of up to 75 per cent of their expenses. We will also be introducing a tax credit for small businesses to make it easier for them to invest in better ventilation.

What commitments will you make to addressing climate change locally and nationwide?

Fighting climate change is a personal priority for me. During my three years as Director of Policy and Indigenous Relations to Catherine McKenna, the former Minister of Environment and Climate Change, we signed the Paris Agreement, developed Canada’s first-ever National Action Plan on Climate Change, implemented a price on carbon and set improved regulatory standards to reduce emissions. I encourage everyone to have a look at our Platform: Forward for Everyone to learn more about the actions we have taken to date and our continuing deep commitment to climate action.

How will you address Truth and Reconciliation with First Nations?

I am Anishinaabe. I grew up in the home of a residential school survivor and have dedicated my professional career to advancing the rights and interests of Indigenous Peoples. I believe the most important step that Canada can take to advance truth and reconciliation is to place confidence in Indigenous Peoples to define and implement the solutions.

In the North Thompson, what are your plans regarding bringing natural gas into the corridor?

I am willing to work with all parties to bring natural gas to North Thompson. I have worked as legal counsel on regulatory hearings for major pipeline infrastructure across the country and I am ready to use that knowledge and experience to support the residents of the North Thompson

What will you do to remove inter-provincial trade ticketing barriers?

I support the free movement of persons, goods, services and investments within Canada.

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