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E-bike ‘etiquette’ advised for 108

Riders are advised to watch their speed and announce themselves to pedestrians

A Cariboo Regional District director is looking to raise awareness about proper e-bike etiquette after fielding complaints about riders going too fast on the trails on the 108 Mile Greenbelt.

Al Richmond, director for Lac La Hache-108 Mile Ranch, is encouraging e-bikers to show courtesy when using the trails, both by slowing down whenever they pass pedestrians and announcing their presence by calling out beforehand.

“(Riders) aren’t just thinking about how quiet these e-bikes are when they approach somebody and suddenly they’re on them,” Richmond said. “I liken it to people riding horses on the trail when they call out to somebody and say ‘hi we’re right here,’ so I believe it’s just an awareness issue.”

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Richmond was working on the 108 Mile trail when two e-bikers came around a corner and have to slam on the brakes. However, he doesn’t believe the e-bikers aren’t going fast intentionally, noting most e-bikers are responsible seniors looking to stay active and perhaps some aren’t used to the bike’s power and take corners too fast.

“While some people think they’re going way too fast it may be the fact they’re startled because suddenly there’s a bike passing them. If a bike goes by you on a path that’s six to eight feet wide, that bike’s pretty close and startles people.”

Richmond has also reached out to the City of Burnaby for examples of signage it has used on trails commonly used by e-bikers. Next spring, he hopes to put up some similar signs around the 108 greenbelt. He added there are plenty of trails across the highway that are perfect for faster biking.


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