DPAC voices labour dispute concerns

Parents concerned about teachers labour dispute

The School District 27’s District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) has concerns with parent-teacher communication issues stemming from the current teachers’ labour actions.

100 Mile House area DPAC secretary Angela Cole says it is the DPAC’s mandate to build the meaningful relationships between teachers, administrators, students and families that affect the children’s education.

Some schools in the district have cancelled their parent-teacher meet-and-greet events this fall after the Cariboo-Chilcotin Teachers’ Association asked teachers not to attend, Cole explains.

“We are disheartened that students and families are being affected by this labour dispute as evidenced by constricted parent-teacher activities.”

Cole says the DPAC would like to remind parents and caregivers of their rights to engage and keep an open dialogue with the teachers and staff.

This helps to build relationships that can support the children’s learning and progress throughout the year, she adds.

“Parents and students please feel encouraged to continue with your meet-and-greet events, as this is a great way to enhance family involvement inside the schools.

“After all, we are meeting and greeting parents and members of our school community.”

Coles adds the DPAC fully appreciates and respects the tremendous efforts many teachers put into the children’s education and well being.

“A lot of teachers are parents, and I think it’s unfortunate for them because they may want to [attend a meet-and-greet].

“I do know some teachers who personally want to go, but they are not allowed. It’s sad for us to see they are put in that predicament.”

The teachers have their voice on the teachers’ strike through the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation, and the administrators have theirs when the school board speaks for them, but Cole says only the DPAC speaks for the parents on what is happening during the teachers’ strike.

Cole urges parents to visit the DPAC website at www.sd27dpac.com for more information on upcoming events, or host a meeting in their schools for the chance to win a laptop computer for their PAC.