District of 100 Mile presents 2020 Financial Plan

District of 100 Mile presents 2020 Financial Plan

District on track to be debt-free by 2024

The 2020 Financial Plan for the District of 100 Mile House was presented to council during the March 11 meeting. The financial plan’s main objective is to minimize the district’s long term debt, which has since adopted a “pay as you go” philosophy.

The district is on track to be debt-free by the year 2024.

Previous debts included the Exeter Road Water Specified Area and the Horse Lake Rd/ Hwy 97 interchange, which have now been paid off.

The Birch Avenue Extension is on schedule to be paid off this year and the remaining debt will be for the Blackstock Sewer Specified Area, which will be retired by 2024.

The vast majority of the principal debt has been paid off and a balance of $16,603 remains.

According to the Director of Financial Administration, Tammy Boulanger, a number of capital projects are subjected to funding applications.

For 2020, upcoming projects will focus on infrastructure, new equipment for the fire department and the district.

In 2019, the district replaced unit #317 sweeper and is now on track to replace unit #306-2004 GMC.

The fire department’s rescue unit #206 was replaced. The department will be getting numerous pieces of smaller equipment. Upgrades will also be made to the Begbie Communication Tower.

The completion of sidewalks will be done on Cedar Avenue, Horse Lake Road and Cariboo Trail – including paving projects for multiple sites around the community.

Boulanger noted that in the event the District was unsuccessful with funding applications, the Cariboo Trail Sidewalk project would be fully funded from existing reserve funds.

Other infrastructure projects are new picnic shelters and upgrades to the Vallery Room Facility – commercial kitchen and dining area.


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