Sally Watson

Director wants her area to pull out of TNRD library service

Sally Watson says areas like 70 Mile are short-changed by service

The area director for the Bonaparte Plateau wants to close the book on the Thompson-Nicola Library Service in her community.

Electoral Area E director Sally Watson said her constituents, particularly in the rural area around 70 Mile, are being short-changed by the regional service. The area receives a bookmobile service a few times a month, she said, while the nearest TNRD library in Clinton is only open three days a week.

“I recall asking if staff could look into removing Area E from the library service because we are very, very poorly served,” Watson said during discussions on the TNRD’s financial plan, which suggested money has been set aside for a third library in Kamloops.

As half of her area already pays taxes to the Cariboo Chilcotin Regional Hospital District Board and the Cariboo Chilcotin school district, Watson said she doesn’t see why it can’t opt out of Thompson Nicola Library service and shift that to the Cariboo Regional District. While she can use her TNRD library card at the 100 Mile branch – run by the CRD – Watson figures she should pay into that service instead of one that does not serve her well.

“That’s where we go for our services,” she told the Free Press. “Why aren’t we paying our library tax dollars to the Cariboo Regional library system? To me that makes sense.”

“I haven’t had any buy-in from the staff at the (TNRD) library board because they want to build a third library in Kamloops so they want my taxes.”

No one on the TNRD board responded to Watson’s question.

She noted later that one board member had suggested she lobby to move the whole Electoral Area into the CRD but that would require a petition from residents.

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