Decision May 14, 2013 Dustin Price

Cariboo-Chilcotin candidate Dustin Price answers Free Press questions

1. Do you support the development of the New Prosperity Gold-Copper Project? Yes or No.

A. No

2. Would you work hard to get your government to open the closed beds at Fischer Place, so our seniors who need care do not have to be sent to other communities and separated from their spouses and families? How would you further support seniors in your community?

A. The Green Party believes in providing appropriate and affordable community and home based care for all BC seniors. The population of our seniors is set to increase over the next decade, a plan needs to be put forward to deal with this increase. The Green Party of BC is dedicated to improving home and community care for our seniors.

3. What would you do to tackle poverty in the Cariboo-Chilcotin?

A. The Green Party of BC has set forth a plan to tackle poverty and it’s called the Guaranteed Livable Income (GLI). We need to take a strong stand on poverty and realize that the current system isn’t and hasn’t worked. We need a new approach and the Green Party of BC has a plan. The GLI would reorganize the dozens of programs out there to create one, graduated system that would help people out of the poverty cycle.

4. How would you improve health care in this constituency and ensure the funding is available for your measures?

A. The Green Party believes in a Triple Aim approach, one that many jurisdictions across the developed world have adopted. The Triple Aim approach is as follows: Improve population health and reduce health inequities; Improve the patient experience and the quality of care; and Reduce health care costs.

It would be my goal to listen to people and voice their concerns with health care in our area and fight to have the peoples needs met.

5. Would you vote in favour of increasing the Provincial Sales Tax or personal income tax?

A. I would not vote to increase the Provincial Sales Tax or Personal Income Tax.