Decision May 14, 2013 Donna Barnett

Cariboo-Chilcotin candidate Donna Barnett answers Free Press questions

1. Do you support the development of the New Prosperity Gold-Copper Project.

A. Yes

2. Would you work hard to get your government to open the closed beds at Fischer Place, so our seniors who need care do not have to be sent to other communities and separated from their spouses and families? How would you further support seniors in your community?

A. As Mayor when Mill Site Lodge opened I worked with the local health authorities and lobbied government during the development of the South Cariboo Health Facility and Fischer Place and will continue to be an advocate in support of opening the 14 beds.

To support seniors staying in their communities, I will continue to work toward all senior health care needs: transportation, respite, caregiver support, adult daycare, home support and development of a community-based seniors advocate.

3. What would you do to tackle poverty in the Cariboo-Chilcotin?

A. The best way to prevent poverty is jobs. I would work with Ministries to: engage industry and communities job creation; provide the necessary trades and training programs to prepare our youth for the future; bring trades and training programs to rural communities; and provide the opportunities for workers who are skilled but not ticketed to challenge the tests so they may obtain their trade ticket.

4. How would you improve health care in this constituency and ensure the funding is available for your measures?

A. Work with all health-care providers to ensure they have the supports necessary to serve their clients. Work with health authorities to ensure the Cariboo-Chilcotin receives the necessary funding. Bring together local health care providers and constituents in an advisory capacity to develop community based solutions to address any community shortfalls in services and funding. Use this as a tool to lobby for funding needs.

5. Would you vote in favour of increasing the Provincial Sales Tax or person income tax?

A. I would not support increasing Provincial Sales Tax or personal income tax. Taxpayers have told me no more taxes or fees. To provide more financial resources to support our social networks, we need new revenue streams. That can only happen with policies to encourage private-sector investment.