Clinton councillor candidate Theodore Pappas. (Photo credit: Submitted)

Clinton councillor candidate Theodore Pappas. (Photo credit: Submitted)

Clinton Community Forest remains a key issue

Theodore Pappas is seeking election as councillor for the Village of Clinton Council

Last month the 100 Mile Free Press sent the following questions to the candidates running for the Village of Clinton Council. Theodore Pappas’ answers are as follows. Some have been edited for length.

1. Who are you and what do you do for a living in the community?

I’m Ted Pappas and my family stretches back five generations in British Columbia. I spent most of my life down on the coast but when I semi-retired from business we were looking for a getaway retreat area in the Interior. We wanted a good safe place for a family get-together and Clinton was that place.

2. What do you see as the biggest issue facing the community, and how do you intend to tackle it?

Our watershed lies directly above our town. There are two dams on Clinton Creek one of which supports our reservoir and our multi-million dollar waterworks and sewage system. Those two dams, according to research, need to be recertified. The last time all our dams were certified was about eight or nine years ago and they need to recertify every 10 years. Considering the big changes in our climate like atmospheric rivers and heat domes, both would affect our watershed and I think our community is somewhat vulnerable.

3. What type of development would you like to see in your community, and what steps would you take to attract it?

We have a community forest we’re frankly very lucky to have. We have a 25-year tenure, of which eight have been expended. It’s been operated at arm’s length and I believe the village council being the principal shareholder needs to be more active. I think the four councillors need to be operating more in a hands-on way rather than relying on the volunteers of our community forest’s board.

4. If elected, what is the most relevant skill or experience you can contribute to the council?

I have an education that’s quite varied. I’ve worked for architecture firms and done town planning. That itself is enough to give me some qualifications for being a councillor. I’ve also, through necessity, become a self-taught legal buff just to survive these days in the business world and political sphere. You have to learn and understand how our justice system works.

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