CRD greens up building requirements

regional district directors adopt green building code

The Cariboo Regional District (CRD) is one of 36 British Columbia communities that have agreed to adopt a new building regulation requiring all new single-family homes to be built solar hot water ready.

In order to promote the use of alternative energy, as of June 21, 2011, new houses in the CRD’s coverage area must be built to facilitate future installation of a renewable energy system.

Area L Director Bruce Rattray says this includes having a designated area for a solar collector, typically on the roof, with adequate support structures incorporated.

The home design also needs to include an easy way to run the collection pipes into the home, he adds.

A government press release states that buildings will not be required to have the solar components installed, and notes that making a new house solar ready will add between $200 and $500 to the construction costs.

Rattray adds the directors decided it makes sense to put the initial costs in during construction phase, rather than leaving it potentially difficult and expensive to add on solar components later, and it also sets the stage for future environmental benefits.