Counterfeit US $100 bills passed in Kamloops

Area businesses urged to cautious, use counterfeit detecting tools

Kamloops RCMP wants to advise retailers and merchants of two incidents where counterfeit US $100 notes were passed.

On Dec. 15, 2014, a male entered the Salish Road Esso and made a purchase with a US $100 note. This was followed by a report on Dec. 16 where a male passed a US $100 bill at Boston Pizza.

In both of these reports, it was determined, after the fact, that the bills were counterfeit.

A similar description of the male from both businesses leads police to believe it may be the same suspect. He is described as a First Nations male, approximately 5 foot 6 tall and heavy set.

Both of these instances remain under investigation in efforts to identify the suspect.

Merchants are asked to use caution when accepting notes and to utilize any counterfeit detecting tools they have.

For more information on counterfeit detection, visit, which covers both Canadian and United States currencies.