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Clinton Craft Fair to showcase talents of local artists

Every year the Clinton Art and Cultural Society draws in a particular crowd of art enthusiasts
McMinn has her own art company where she creates unique sculptures of horses, cats, dragons, and other mythical creatures as a hobby. (Contributed to Black Press—by Nancy McMinn)

Every year the Clinton Art and Cultural Society draws in a particular crowd of art enthusiasts and residents alike with their annual art show and sale.

From painters to sculptors, this year’s event, held at the Clinton Memorial Hall, will have members and non-members welcomed in on the creative process to help highlight the local talent.

President of the Clinton Art and Cultural Society, Nancy McMinn says a membership for a year is only $10 and is usually only accepted during the spring. However, this year’s event will offer free entry to members and $20 for non-members.

“That’s because we do put them to work,” she said, adding they have a great selection of artwork and artists this year.

“Floyd Heller is going to come, and he does woodworking. He’s awesome. We have plenty of painters, two from Big Bar, Wayne Larson and Jill Philipchuk. Very popular and very talented, and then local artists from Clinton, Susan Swan.”

Attendees will receive voting cards at the beginning of the show, where they can choose their first, second, and third favourite pieces, and the winner will receive a cash prize.

McMinn even has her own art company called Clinton Clay Creations, where she creates funky and colourful sculptures of cats, dogs, and other mythical creatures out of clay.

McMinn says other local artists will join Swan including Monica Weison and Jen Blaine, whose artwork often sells out almost immediately after completion.

She says there will be a spectrum of different artists at the show, all with unique special categories. This includes Bernice Weihs-Anderson’s wood burning where she creates artwork on a piece of wood with a hot probe. The art gallery will also include Ashcroft artist Angela Van Deli who specializes in mural and portrait paintings. McMinn wants to encourage attendees to bring in some of their artwork to work on and demonstrate how they, too, build their creations.

“Anything you do or make is artwork,” said McMinn. “Wayne Larson was there last year. He was there painting practically the whole time, and he had a crowd behind him watching, and you know it’s not cheap, he does it professionally, so we have a number of highly skilled artists.”

The event will be on Saturday, August 5, from noon to 4p.m., 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on August 6, and on Monday, August 7, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Nothing is needed to enter besides curiosity and a keenness to support local artists.

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‘Oh Baby, It’s a Wild World’ by Big Bar Lake’s Jill Philipchuk was part of the art show in 2021. Art lovers can expect more local talent this year. (File photo)
The Clinton Memorial Hall is the home of the annual show and sale. (Contributed file photo)