CRD chair Margo Wagner (Photo submitted)

CRD chair Margo Wagner (Photo submitted)

Cariboo Regional District extends thanks, gratitude to community

Year-end greeting from CRD Chair Margo Wagner

As 2021 draws to a close, we look back upon a year of continued challenges, tragedies, and disasters across British Columbia.

Globally, we endured another year of COVID restrictions bringing isolation, mourning, and conflict. Locally, summer was once again marked by wildfires, evacuations, and uncertainty. As winter arrives we face pandemic concerns, broken road and rail links, and just for good measure, the threat of river and overland flooding in the spring.

Frankly, it is a year undeserving of a fond farewell! Yet I take comfort in a simple reality. Your Cariboo remains a place where ideals such as trust and community service are made real. The fabric of our communities refuses to unravel.

At the Cariboo Regional District, we continue to believe in the potential of our region despite it all. We move forward with intent, working towards our motto of ‘building communities together.’ We know a better tomorrow means reconciling with yesterday’s mistakes, understanding all the communities of this place, and ensuring we protect the natural assets that can sustain us into the deep future.

Since time immemorial, humans have honored the promise of renewal that accompanies this time of year. Over the Christmas and New Year holidays, I hope you may also have occasion to rest for a while, enjoy family and friends, and consider the spirit of the season.

On behalf of the staff and directors of the Cariboo Regional District, I extend our thanks and gratitude to the community for your support in 2021 and wish you every success in 2022.

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