An air tanker flies toward the Anahim Peak wildfire Saturday, July 15. (Janet Carley photo)

An air tanker flies toward the Anahim Peak wildfire Saturday, July 15. (Janet Carley photo)

Cariboo Fire Centre wildfire update for July 17, 2023

Fire centre helping out Coastal, Prince George Fire Centres as wildfire season continues

The Cariboo Fire Center has 29 active wildfires, with three being fires of note as of July 16, 2023.

The fire centre will also be taking over wildfire efforts on a few fires to support other fire centres.

Five of the current active fires have incident management teams (IMT) overseeing operations.

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In the Central Cariboo Fire Zone there are eight active fires, five of which are categorized as out of control, four are being held and four are under control.

Within the Quesnel Fire Zone, there are 17 active fires, three are wildfires of note and as of July 14, five are being managed by incident management teams.

The Gillies Complex is compromised of fires C11290, C11243, C11499, and C11437. Structure protection specialist are supporting wildfires for this complex of fires. Assessments are ongoing and apparatuses will be deployed where it is required.

Townsend Creek (Fire C11290)

Size: 2665 hectares

Detection Date: July 8, 2023

Location: 2.5km East of Margaret Lake

Evacuation Alerts and Orders: The Townsend Creek Area Evacuation Order was extended, and a Baker Creek Evacuation Alert was created on July 11.

Control lines have been established and tied into natural features around the entire fire perimeter.

Today, ground crews will continue to reinforce the southeast flank by utilizing hand ignitions to secure the control line by removing unburnt fuels between the fire’s edge and established line.

Crews will also continue to mop up any remaining hot spots within the perimeter of the fire where the successful planned ignition operation took place.

Pelican Lake (Fire C11437)

Size: 2,700 hectares

Detection Date: July 9, 2023

Location: 2.5km north of Pelican Lake

Evacuation Alerts and Orders: An Evacuation Order was issued by Cariboo Regional District on July 11.

On the northern flank of the fire, the fire’s edge has been brought to control line by utilizing hand ignitions. Heavy equipment guard construction has been completed from the park to the Grease Trail around the northern flank of the fire.

Today, ground personnel are creating a hand fuel free guard in the Titetown Park on the southwest flank. Heavy equipment will begin guard construction to continue control line on the southeast flank.

Teepee Lake (Fire C11499)

Size: 2,970 hectares

Detection Date: July 10, 2023

Location: 4.3km southeast Teepee Lake

Evacuation Alerts and Orders: The Cariboo Regional District issued an Evacuation Order for the Teepee Lake Area on July 12.

1427 Division:

Ground crews conducted hand ignitions on the south flank to help tie containment lines from the Nazko road to the Blackwater River. Ground personnel will continue to mop up sections that were burned with planned ignitions previously. Focus will continue to be completing containment lines with the support of heavy equipment and with priority on the northeast flanks. They will utilize natural features to tie in control lines using the road and river.

1499 Division:

Heavy equipment will focus on creating containment lines on the eastern flank of the wildfire. Planned hand ignition will occur on the northeastern flank to secure control lines that have already been established. Structure protection specialists continue to setup apparatuses where required on properties on the southern flank of the wildfire.

Branch Road (Fire C11243)

Size: 1,182 hectares

Detection Date: July 7, 2023

Location: West of 7 Branch Road

Evacuation Alerts and Orders: On July 8 The Cariboo Regional District issued an Evacuation Alert for the Branch Road Wildfire.

Heavy equipment will continue to be constructed on the northwest flank and will tie control lines into natural features.

Today, Small-scale hand ignitions will occur on the southeast corner to remove unburned fuels between the fire’s edge and control lines. This will reinforce the control lines that are established to reduce the fire’s ability to spread beyond control lines.

In the Chilcotin Fire Zone, there are currently five active fires and the Cariboo Fire Centre will also be taking over fires G41158 (Gatcho Lake), G41165, G41189, VA1167, VA1456, VA1462. These fires are located within the Prince George Fire Centre (G) and Coastal Fire Centre (VA).

Gatcho Lake (Fire C41158)

Size: 911.6 hectares

Detection Date: July 6, 2023

Location: 1.5 kilometre southeast of Gatcho Lake

Located in the Prince George Fire Centre is being actioned by an IMT in the VanJam Zone.

Anahim Peak (Fire C51571)

Size: 1,120 hectares

Detection Date: July 11, 2023

Location: Northeast of Anahim Peak

Evacuation Alerts and Orders: The Cariboo Regional District issued an Evacuation Order for this wildfire.

Yesterday, fire behaviour increased with clear air and resulted in the wildfire crossing the Dean River Road on the eastern flank. This prompted an expansion to the Evacuation Order. The Dean River Road is now closed due to the order.

Control lines are being constructed moving from east and north paralleling the dean river road to tie in yesterdays escape.

Heavy equipment is constructing guard that will tie in with the fuel free that the crew is establishing by hand on the east flank. Ground crews will also continue to mop up hot spots along the beef trail on the east flank.

Ground personnel will burn out pockets of fuel to secure control line by bringing the fire’s edge to the control line. Ground personnel are also establishing water delivery systems along east flank to the Dean River.

The 100 Mile House Zone currently has zero active wildfires.

Smoke has begun clearing in the Quesnel Zone, allowing aerial resources to fly and CFC said they will be able to get a better idea of the sizes of the fires.

They said the public can expect to see some growth in fire sizes due to these updates, not necessarily due to increased fire activity.

Today, there will be scattered showers with varying amounts from 5- 10 mms. Unstable conditions are expected due to the upper low and trough.

Monday, there will be cooler temperatures and scattered showers.

Tuesday, the ridge will begin to rebuild, bringing warming and dryings trends. This will dry out any fuels that received rain.

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