Bear prowling around near cemetery

100 Mile House resident cautions neighbours about bear sighting

A 100 Mile House resident is cautioning folks about a black bear on the prowl in the Aspen Ridge neighbourhood.

Victoria Feist says she saw the bear beside her house, in an empty lot near the end of Jens Street at 931 Fraser Ave., around 7 a.m. on Sept. 24.

She adds a neighbour had seen a black bear the night before, presumably the same one.

The area is on the fringe of the town along the forested area west of Bridge Creek and east of Highway 97, Feist explains, close to the 100 Mile House Municipal Cemetery.

Noting the Conservation Officer Service has been notified, she says other area residents and visitors should be aware of the roaming bear, especially those with children playing outside or walking to the bus in the early mornings.