108 Mile Water System meeting postponed

Consultants have not provided necessary information

A referendum – regarding a proposed water treatment plant – will be conducted for residents on the 108 Mile Water System in 2016.

However, it won’t be held at the end of this month, as it had been anticipated by Cariboo Regional District (CRD) Area G Director Al Richmond.

A public meeting to provide some more details on the plant was planned for the 108 Mile Community Hall on Jan. 13, but that meeting has been postponed.

This is a direct result of the delay in starting the drilling of the well in the north aquifer last summer, Richmond explains.

“There was a planned start date for early June, but the drilling company was delayed getting on site until August. Despite this delay, staff believed we would be able to have all the consultants reviews of the pump tests, water quality and water treatment plant done in time for a January meeting.”

However, the CRD chair says he has not received all the information from the consultants and, therefore, the regional district had to postpone the Jan. 13 meeting.

The advance polls were going to be held on Jan. 20 and 25, and the referendum day was slated for Jan. 30, but those dates will have to change.

“All the dates will now shift out, as I need to hold the public meeting first,” Richmond adds.