100 Mile House asked to go Idle-free

Wasteful idling bad for the environment and pocket book

The District of 100 Mile House and the South Cariboo Sustainability Society (SCSS) are encouraging folks to participate in their Idle Free campaign to reduce vehicle idling from May 1 to Sept. 1.

Drivers in the District boundaries are asked to turn off their engines if stopping for more than 60 seconds.

The District has posted Idle Free Zone signs to raise awareness about the campaign, which focuses on the financial and environmental costs of idling, as well as the benefits of reduced idling on people’s health and pocketbooks.

The signs request motorists to “Turn Engine Off,” and they are posted at the District office on Birch Avenue, Centennial Park, the South Cariboo Visitor Centre, Martin Exeter Hall and outside those businesses that have already volunteered to participate.

Mayor Mitch Campsall and Canada Safeway manager Sean Watson helped promote the event on May 6 by posting four signs outside the store. Watson had a special cake made up for the event and served it with coffee donated by Tim Hortons.

More signs are available at the district office for a nominal cost to businesses volunteering to post them.

For more information, contact Joanne Doddridge at 250-395-2434 or visit the website at www.southcariboosustainability.com.