A deer was attacked by a domestic dog in 108 Mile Ranch recently. (Photo contributed by photographer Jill Hayward)

Residents reminded to control dogs after deer attacked, injured in 108 Mile

Young deer euthanized following the attack

Conservation officers remind residents to control their dogs after a young deer was recently found injured in 108 Mile Ranch and had to be euthanized.

100 Mile House Conservation Officer Murray Booth said the deer had lost the use of its left hind leg, where all the muscle and meat had been torn off. The remaining flesh was necrotic, indicating the deer had been attacked some time ago.

“Due to the infection and the length of time the wound had been left open the deer was rotting,” Booth said. “The deer was emaciated and very sickly.”

He noted the injuries were consistent with that of a domestic dog attack. Coyotes or wolves attack their prey in the same manner but kill and consume their prey.

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He urged residents in 108 Mile Ranch to keep an eye on their dogs, noting deer in that community are used to people and may not bolt when being chased by a dog.

“People are responsible for the control of their dogs,” he said. “It’s illegal to have them chasing or attacking wildlife. Unfortunately, it’s always the wildlife that loses.”

Under the Wildlife Act, it is an offence to allow dogs to hunt or pursue game except in accordance with the regulations. Conservation Officers who witness dogs chasing, harassing or attacking game will kill the dogs. Owners of dogs that chase, harass or attack game will be charged with fines that start at $230.

People are encouraged to report any public safety, wildlife or environmental violations to the Report All Poachers and Polluters toll-free number, 1 877 952 7277, which has operators on duty 24/7. Callers can remain anonymous if they wish.


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