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Ninth annual Cariboo Women’s Fair profiles new exhibitors and dancers

Mystique Belly Dancers performed to guests, recently opened Woodswoman Supply Co makes debut in women’s fest

The ninth annual Cariboo Women’s Fair was held this weekend at the South Cariboo Rec Centre.

The fair featured 94 vendors of various types, ranging from the Williams Lake and District Credit Union to Hidden Creek Leather, as well as performances from several groups such as the Baladi Babes and Mystique Bellydancers. Some of the vendors were new to the fair, like Forest Grove’s Woodswoman Supply Co.

Sofia Delisimunovic, the owner of Woodswoman, said her company is a cabin shop designed to create a “secret hideout for nature enthusiasts.” She just opened her business recently so she could attend the fair.

“I was waiting for the summer to open up, but then found out about the women’s fair and I thought this would be a perfect place - the perfect time to open and say welcome.”

The company had several items for sale, such as customized woodworks and scents, as well as “wilderness first aid courses, skills workshops, foraging gatherings, and other fun and educational offers brought to you by experienced and certified instructors.”

One of the many woodworks that Delisimunovic showed off is a tribute to her dog who died in a motor vehicle accident several years ago which attracted the attention of several fair goers.

“He’s always been with us - so this is a good little tribute area.”

The Baladi Babes and Mystique Bellydancers made another appearance this year, performing twice on Saturday. Their performance, according to dance instructor Kerri Mingo, was mainly Egyptian pop, but the dancers do not usually focus on one style of dance.

“We don’t subscribe to a specific style, we dance, whatever our hearts, you know, whatever makes our hearts smile.”

The dancers had their own booth where they had given special coupons for classes in belly dancing in 100 Mile House and Lone Butte, as well as chiffon coins and velvet coin bells - which Mingo says are the “tools of the trade.”

“It just makes things more fun when you’re performing and you’ve got a whole bunch of glitter and sparkles - and yeah, it’s all fun,” Mingo remarked

Shelly Morton, the events coordinator and community program coordinator for the South Cariboo Rec Centre, said that this year’s fair was another success. She noted that the wine-and-cheese event was especially popular with 550 people attending Friday night.

“We think it was our biggest attendance yet so we were very happy with that - it was very festive and a lot of fun.”

Overall, Morton said it was fun to see a lot of new faces at this year’s fair.

“I’m just excited to see it keep growing and new businesses that are coming too - that there’s a lot of new people in our community over the last couple of years - that this is their first women’s fair that they’ve attended,” Morton said.


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