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Parkside Art Gallery reopens to the public on June 2

Claudia Rings raises $2,500 from mask sales for Parkside Art Gallery

Interlakes builds drive-in movie theatre

‘It looks like it could be a golf course now, really, it’s beautiful’

Young “slowing down” but not retiring from art

‘I’m still working but eventually, I will be retired’

Metalocalypstick 2020 cancelled due to COVID-19

This year would have marked the fifth annual time this festival has been held

  • May 6, 2020

South Cariboo artist offers online painting tutorials for kids

‘If we can’t be out there painting with you, let’s do it virtually and just be in it together’

Bobbie Crane encourages 100 Mile to continue to support and create art during social distancing

‘You know the saying starving artist? Well, this is a very starving time for them’

10 facts about the 'Star Wars' universe for May the 4th
Five things to stream this April
Chris Pratt gives shoutout to Kamloops while filming Jurassic World 3
Shelter Point - The sZen Way

Marin Patenaude’s newest album set to release May 29

A single, Cold Front, featured in an official music video was released on April 8

Artists mails art to cheer people up

“I’ve done art my whole life”

Eclectica performs in Parade of Choirs

The event raised over $4,000

  • Mar 15, 2020

Latest showcase exhibit pays homage to the earth

The theme for the new Showcase Gallery exhibit, which went up on…

South Cariboo youth address societal issues through art

‘We are impressed with the issues that they were communicating’

Disney’s Little Mermaid sold 800 tickets in its first week at Martin Exeter Hall

It was a successful opening week for the 100 Mile Performing Arts…

Local fundraiser supports wetland conservation

‘A Leapin Lotta Fun’

  • Feb 27, 2020

Youth art show aiming to tackle racism in rural communities

‘We want to see what the youth has to say about our community’

Final 100 Mile House Cowboy Concert ends on a good note, says, organizer

It was the last year for the Cowboy Concert in 100 Mile…

Disney’s Little Mermaid set to take over Martin Exeter Hall on Feb. 26.

‘I am looking forward to the community to see all of our work come to life’

Community art show captures winter in the Cariboo

‘I think the submissions are marvellous’

Valentine’s Day in the South Cariboo

Not sure what to do for Valentine’s Day? That’s okay, we have…