Letters to the Editor.

Make small sacrifices to protect community

To the Editor,

There are approximately 20 churches in 100 Mile (and one pub). That means there are many people in town who do their very best to live by the teachings of Christ, the compassion, the forgiveness, the empathy, the caring and the love for all people.

So what would Jesus think of all the health restrictions? I believe that he would be very happy. He would say, “Finally there is a law based on all my teachings. People are asked to take care of their loved ones, to love their neighbours, to make a very small sacrifice to protect everyone in their community. Now that is what I have been teaching for 2000 years. And most of my followers have been trying so hard to do the right thing.”

But I think he would be devastated by the few people who claim to love him but have such disdain for all others. The people who deliberately put the whole community in danger. Where did they learn that God is only present in a man-made building? I was taught that God is love, and wherever love is present, so is God. He lives in every act of kindness, every unselfish gesture.

So when we are all called to account for our actions in 2020, will you be filled with pride or shame?

Cecile Pratt

Horse Lake


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