Letter: Seniors citizens deserve respect and protection

To the Editor,

Re: Letter to the Editor from Sophia Jackson in the 3 December 2020 edition.

Jackson is in need of both an attitude adjustment and re-education.

The belief that young age will protect people is false; at least one child younger than 10 has died of COVID-19.

There is no such thing as a youth in “bondage” due to COVID-19 restrictions. The assertion that young people “will be funnelled into a system of authoritarian oppression” is insane.

Older people are portrayed as disposable, no longer useful to society.

Any society worth preserving respects, honours and protects its senior citizens.

I support the right to express a personal opinion publicly but that right ends when that opinion advocates any harm to another person.

Jackson’s letter points in that direction by not only comments against seniors but by speaking against the wearing of masks in public which has been scientifically proven to greatly reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

The letter borders on hate speech; how did it pass editorial scrutiny?

The only valid comment in Jackson’s letter is to shop locally.

George Wilby

Lac la Hache

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