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Letter: Pay it forward with act of kindness this Christmas

To the Editor,

Last Friday I listened to the Food Bank drive on the radio. This year was different and they asked people who may have trouble donating to “Pay it forward” with a simple act of kindness. This resulted in people reporting how much better they felt after a kind act. Their mood improved and some reported a warm and fuzzy feeling which lingered all day.

Now isn’t this the true meaning of Christmas? It is not one hour a week spent inside a building. It is caring for other people, wondering what we can do to make their life a little better, just like we were taught in Sunday school. Let’s start small, try smiling and offering a kind word of thanks to all the retail clerks.

See if you feel a little less angry when you walk to your car. If you can afford it, buy a gift card so that one family can have at least one present under the tree. I know that the women’s centre will accept cards and distribute them to the neediest in town. Now check your mood. Has some of your bitter anger dissipated? Have you perhaps rediscovered the meaning of Christmas?

Incidentally, Ontario raised over $400,000 for their food banks, BC has raised over $2 million and we are still counting. This is a million more than last year. And yes, this does give me hope.

Cecile Pratt

Horse Lake

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