World-class violinist kick starts Arts and Culture Week

World-renown violinist Jack Glatzer coming to 100 Mile House

The BC Arts Council has declared April 22-29 as Arts and Culture Week.

We are fortunate to have a world-class violinist Jack Glatzer kick start this celebration in 100 Mile House, followed by the 100 Mile Festival of the Arts. Both of these events showcase the importance of some the arts and culture in our community.

On April 22, Jack will give an informal concert at the 100 Mile United Church at 49 Dogwood Ave., starting at 7 p.m.

Jack is a person who figures strongly as a musician and human being in my family’s life. I will never be able to approach his astonishing ability as a musical performer, and yet we have shared our personal stories, and bathed in our love for music over five decades.  I have been blessed by knowing this remarkable man.

I first met Jack in Kitimat more than 50 years ago. He appeared as one of the artists on what was then called “The Alaska Music Trail,” a perennial series of concerts of standout musicians.

A Chicago impresario travelled to Alaska and was saddened by how few concerts were affordable in that region. He started communicating to a number of artists to see if they would come to remote communities along the way to Alaska.

As a young teacher in Kitimat, I was blessed with a perennial cornucopia of performances year after year. These concerts changed my life.

Jack was one of those performers. I have been fortunate to keep in touch with this amazing man ever since.

He is currently travelling in North America. He agreed to detour to 100 Mile House to visit and to give a short concert.

Jack is a remarkably engaging and humble man, destined to bring his form of great classical music to the masses. He has travelled all over the world, appeared in a number of feature films, and delighted audiences of all ages, in dozens of countries.

He is also giving a workshop in 100 Mile on April 23, at 4 p.m. to local violinists.

Jack, as I have indicated, performed all over the world, receiving rave reviews. He is one of the few violinists who have dared to stage all 24 incredibly difficult Paganini Caprices in the same program. His repertoire of unaccompanied Bach works is also most impressive.

We are so fortunate to have him visit 100 Mile House, and to offer this impromptu concert.

Some “friends” from the local area will also appear on the same program.

My life has been blessed by knowing and hearing this fascinating man. I am thrilled I will be able to hear him again in a live performance in 100 Mile.

Jack has agreed to give the majority of the voluntary gate receipts (after expenses) for this informal concert to the100 Mile & District General Hospital Auxiliary.