Presentation on building community resilience

Renowned speaker Richard Heinberg will be presenting Life after Growth Feb. 7 at 7 p.m.

Renowned speaker Richard Heinberg, global expert, author and educator on the topics of energy and economics, will be presenting “Life after Growth” in the 100 Mile Community Hall on Feb. 7, starting at 7 p.m.

The presentation is co-hosted by the South Cariboo Sustainability Committee (SCSC) and the Agri-Culture Enterprise Centre (ACEC).

A committee had a short time period to set up the presentation, ACEC director Linda Savjord says, adding everything worked out well.

While putting up posters for the event, Savjord notes she had people asking her about the presentation, wondering how it applied to them, she replied that at some point the supply of our resources will not meet our demand.

She adds that after Heinberg’s PowerPoint presentation there will be a question-and-answer period.

This is a rare opportunity to have such a high-profile speaker come to 100 Mile House, says SCSC member Patricia Spencer.

“We will be drawing people not only from the South Cariboo, but from Williams Lake, Quesnel, and possibly Kamloops. The presentation is regional in scope.”

Heinberg’s latest work, The End of Growth, explains the ongoing financial crisis, how and why it occurred and what people must do to avert the worst potential outcomes. His message is folks can thrive during this transition if they set goals that promote human and environmental well-being, rather than continuing to pursue an ever-expanding Gross National Product.

“The only reason he is coming to our area is because of his personal connections to the South Cariboo,” says ACEC president John Hooper. “He usually speaks in larger centres such as Vancouver.”

Heinberg’s presentation will provide an opportunity for people to find out about the global situation and how it might pertain to us here in the Cariboo, adds Spencer.

For more information, contact Savjord at 250-395-3354 or Spencer at 250-750-1901.

Or see advertisement on page 7 in the Jan. 27 edition of the Cariboo Connector.