Artwork by Tiffany Jorgensen on display at Parkside Art Gallery. (Millar Hill - 100 Mile Free Press)

Artwork by Tiffany Jorgensen on display at Parkside Art Gallery. (Millar Hill - 100 Mile Free Press)

Parkside showcase aims to provoke viewers imagination

Artwork featured by Cariboo Art Beat

Parkside Art Gallery’s newest showcase features three artists from Williams Lake in one exclusive exhibit.

Brittany Murphy, Tiffany Jorgensen and Sarah Sigurdson are the co-founders of Cariboo Art Beat. The group uses art as a means of communication and a way to engage their community in self-expression.

As an artist, Jorgensen paints what she sees, using acrylics on canvas as a medium for her artwork. Murphy uses a variety of mediums to showcase her work. According to Murphy, she finds the most enjoyment by adding imperfections into her work. Sigurdson works with acrylics and watercolour but can also be creative when handed a can of spray paint.

“We aim to help people understand the importance of art,” said Jorgensen.

According to Jorgensen, the show sort of came together after visiting the gallery and speaking to Barb Brown, the gallery’s art show curator.

“I have always loved everything about the gallery,” said Jorgensen. “So, I inquired about the process of doing an art show. She explained the application process, we applied and it was approved.”

This will be the first time Cariboo Art Beat is showcasing their artwork in 100 Mile House.

“We have provided pieces that have a lot of inner meaning,” said Jorgensen. “Most pieces fall along with the style of surrealism, but we wanted to display thought-provoking pieces of art to allow the viewer to see it within their own imagination.”

The exhibit includes nearly 30 pieces of art. The opening reception was held on March 7 from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. and featured appetizers and beverages accompanied by live entertainment.

“They made us feel so special,” said Jorgensen. “We had a lot of fun. Everyone that I know in 100 Mile came to the reception, plus others that go to regular opening receptions. We received a lot of great feedback. It was a nice atmosphere.”

The show entitled Imagine will run at Parkside Art Gallery until April 13.

“I really hope our art allows people to relate to it, experience emotions and explore their own imagination.”

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