Nothing tame about wildlife show and dinner

The Lone Butte Fish & Wildlife Association's Wild Game Dinner at the 100 Mile Community HallFeb. 25

Amaranta Chrétien

Amaranta Chrétien

Grizzly bear pâté, beaver, moose and deer were just some of the tasty treats people were able to sample at the Lone Butte Fish & Wildlife Association (LBFWA) Wild Game Dinner at the 100 Mile Community Hall, Feb. 25.

Roast bison was the main course, and LBFWA member Jude Dion says the dinner was phenomenal and the dance that followed had people up and cutting a rug until nearly 2 a.m.

Earlier in the day, the hall was filled with displays and demonstrations by local outdoors organizations.

“The different groups really did a super job inside the hall. It was something to see.”

Free antler scoring was also offered, with the most notable trophy of the day being a mule deer antler that scored 190 inches.

“That’s excellent,” says Dion, adding 175 is the minimum for having a score registered in the Wildlife Records Club of BC Big Game Records of British Columbia book.