LOTT offering outdoor activities, dinner and carolling

Perfect opportunity for a family outing in a beautiful outdoor setting

By Melissa Smalley

All are welcome to a special day of Christmas cheer at Lake Of The Trees Bible Camp on Sunday.

The festivities are set to take place Dec. 18, beginning at 2 p.m. with ice skating on the lake and sledding through the snowy hills.

A dinner of soup and buns will be served at 5 p.m. – available by donation – and the evening will wrap up with carolling at 7 p.m.

Camp director Tom McIntosh says this year’s event follows on last year’s carolling evening held at the camp, which he said attracted close to 100 participants.

“We’ve seen people enjoy the beauty of our lakefront with the skating and sledding, so we wanted to add that to the event this year. People can come for the skating and sledding, stay for the soup and buns or just come for the carolling.”

Those wanting to participate in the outdoors fun are asked to bring their own sleds and skates, and dress appropriately for the weather, which could be chilly.

“We’ll have the bonfire going, and the dining hall will be nice and cozy.”

Donations for dinner will be accepted by cash, cheque or credit card, and anyone who hasn’t been to Lake Of The Trees can find a map of how to get there online at www.lakeofthetrees.com. Roads in the area are clear of snow and passable by all vehicle types, McIntosh says.

The event offers a chance for people to “enjoy Christmas with people who enjoy Lake Of The Trees,” he says, adding the importance of the holiday to the camp’s community.

“Christmas is the highlight of our year with God’s love coming in the birth of Jesus Christ…. People are just attracted to our community and our love for Jesus, and that’s really the reason behind the event.”