Elvis rocks for Canim Lake Band

Canim Lake Band Elders prepared for a visit from Elvis and they weren't disappointed

The gym at the Canim Lake Reserve came alive when Elvis, Steve Elliot, hit the stage on April 11.

This was his crowd and their kind of music.

Remarkable, life-sized silhouettes of Elvis in motion, made by Angel Smith, danced around the walls in the darkened gym.

Colourful skirts puffed with crinolines swirled and Elvis shirts sparkled on the dance floor. Children lined the edge of the stage and some danced through the evening.

Elliott’s amazing rendition of Elvis tunes and his humorous remarks provided non-stop entertainment.

Shirley Fraser is the Elders’ co-ordinator who organized the event with a crew of helpers, from cooks for the pre-show dinner to a set-up crew.

“The Elders wanted to have a spring dance. They are huge Elvis fans, so when we heard he was coming to town, I contacted him and we were thrilled he could come.”