David Francey concert hit all the right notes

Juno award-winner singer-songwriter appreciated venue, audience

David Francey

David Francey

108 Mile Ranch resident and musician Len Aune and his wife, Cathryn, brought Juno award-winning singer-songwriter-storyteller David Francey to 100 Mile House for a concert at Martin Exeter Hall on Aug. 20.

It was a great evening, and the 170 people who attended the concert are glad they did.

The Scottish-born former carpenter wove stories taken from his life experience into the evening’s performance.

Through his stories and songs, both humorous and touching and always very human and real, David shared a piece of himself and his life with the audience, Len says.

“It was reminiscent of spending an evening at home with a good friend who is a great storyteller and also happens to be one of Canada’s foremost songwriters.”

Those in attendance were clearly impressed by the performance. Many remarked on what a lovely evening it was and how much they enjoyed it.

They commented that they felt they got to know David in way that is not often part of a concert, Len adds.

Here is a quote Len received by e-mail: “Last night’s concert was such a wonderfully intimate and introspective musical evening. The beauty and calm was still there when I awoke.”

David was accompanied by Mark Westberg on the acoustic guitar. Mark is touring with David to several venues in British Columbia and the United States during the next couple months, Len explains.

“Mark’s playing is stunning to say the least – subtle and understated and truly a joy to listen to.”

Len says David commented that Martin Exeter Hall was an excellent venue, and the audience was “super” – responding warmly and engaging in the spirit of the evening.

100 Mile House has the best place name in all of B.C.,” David says, adding he was delighted to visit the area and meet such friendly people.

Although organizing the event was a leap of faith, Len and Cathryn say they are very pleased with the results of the evening and thank the people of the area for their support.

“We would certainly do it again and will continue to look for similar opportunities to bring live world-class music to the community.”