Aloha from 100 Mile

Polynesian dances, Hawaiian naming ceremony part of year-end show

Cate McArthur

Cate McArthur

The South Cariboo Rec. Centre had a Hawaiian flavour on June 21.

Students of Cheralyn’s Polynesian Dance Studio put on a display for families and friends as part of a year end show called a “Ho’ike.”

The fifth annual event featured colourful costumes, dances from the islands of Polynesia, a dessert buffet, student awards and a Hawaiian-naming ceremony.

This year, 28 students ranging in age from three to 40 learned the art of Hula, Tahitian and Maori dance at Cheralyn’s Polynesian Dance Studio, operated by Cheralyn Gent in 108 Mile Ranch.

Gent opened the school in 2009 and started with four students.