TNRD director Sally Watson

TNRD director Sally Watson

Year-in-review: TNRD to work on connecting people in 2021

Message from TNRD director Sally Watson

Welcome to the brand-new year! New Years Baby 2021 will arrive with an N95 mask and a container of hand sanitizer and with good planning and observance of protocols will leave with a very visible grin on its face. I am a “full glass” kind of person.

For many of us this has been a very difficult year with the passing of family and community members that we were not permitted to gather to mourn or celebrate their lives. Might I suggest that when we are once again allowed to gather that we meet in our much larger groups to celebrate all the souls who left us and indeed all those who are still here.

Some of you may know that I recently retired from my job with Canada Post and am now more available by phone for issues that you need help with. Thankfully, some of those calls will have to go to voicemail as I will be on my horse – such a lucky woman. No big holidays or world travel are in the plans even if COVID wasn’t stopping that.

The TNRD is working on connectivity hoping that we will improve that issue for at least some of our areas. None of this is easy but I believe the Information Highway cannot bypass us. We need faster, reliable and less expensive Internet, and that isn’t going to come for Christmas. It is very difficult for anyone who is not connected to work with any government program or get any information so this is long overdue.

No New Year’s resolutions but I do have some questions for you:I am concerned about communication with constituents. Although the TNRD has a website,, do you go there to find info? Do you check out the TNRD Facebook page or Twitter? Do you read my TNRD Area E Update on Facebook? Do you catch up on my column in the Clinton Lariat? My columns aren’t exactly hard news and are mostly my opinion – is that what you are looking for or would you like the TNRD Official Version instead? How do you feel we could better get our messages out – please send your answers to or call me at 1-250-395-0278.

Here I will open a “can of worms.” Is there any issue you feel that we did either very well or very poorly? Please let me know. Your opinion counts. We want and use your taxes so let’s make sure we use your opinions to the best of our ability.

I know I should be more careful about what I ask for but it’s a long winter so let’s use the time to work on improvement.

Happy 2021 to everyone.

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