Heaving ice formation on Lac La Hache lake. (Monika Paterson photo - submitted).

Heaving ice formation on Lac La Hache lake. (Monika Paterson photo - submitted).

Wacky weather and other news at Lac La Hache

Barbara Hansen column

Happy New Year everyone – may we all be blessed with good health this year and a gradual return to our normal lives. It has been a very difficult time not only for the business owners and workers but for everyone in general.

Everyone has been waiting with bated breath for the news from Dr. Bonnie Henry that came down Jan. 7 – the social/sports restrictions have been extended for another month until Feb. 5. There is no hiding the truth, looks like people did misbehave during the holiday season as the increase in the daily case counts are being reflected. Unfortunately, there was really no choice at this point in time, these orders had to be put in place.

It is a very sad time for the Community Club as unfortunately, we will have to shut the Rolf Zeis Arena down early for the season this year. It is just not feasible to run up the monthly hydro bill when the arena is not in use and there is no monthly income coming in to service the debt. I am sure we are not alone in this dilemma, there must be dozens of other clubs and organizations that have faced or are facing this very same thing.

Weird weather

The weather has been very weird this year too – we have had a bit of everything! So far though we haven’t had the really cold weather and I hope it stays away for quite a while.

Lots of sunny days have made people happy causing the internet to be flooded with lovely shots of sunrises, sunsets and many other things. There was also the last opportunity to bring in those last few loads of firewood.

Lately, we have been having the warm in the day and freezing at night syndrome which makes for icy roads and parking lots. This makes me think of when the restrictions first came out and public skating was cancelled. I watched a video clip of a young boy skating on the back parking lot of the Hungry Bear Diner (children sure can improvise and be resourceful) – that is how icy it was!

There are weird things happening in the formation of ice on our big lake right now. Monika Paterson posted a picture showing the heaving of the ice formation – clearly a two-foot difference. I really don’t think the ice is safe this year yet – please use extreme caution.

Whereas Greeny Lake froze up early this year, about the second week of December or so. The ice was measured and thought to be six to eight inches thick at the time and a large area was cleared for a skating rink.

Sale of Edelweiss


Congratulations to Ziggy and Gerlinda on the successful sale of the Edelweiss Restaurant, may you enjoy your retirement!

The new owners have already done quite the facelift to the building and have removed the older mobile home that was on site. The building will be used as the office for mobile home sales.

There is also a new development and exciting news to this story, Pam King has negotiated the full use of the kitchen. Pam’s Food Services will be operating out of the building as takeout only with her daily specials and all the goodies that she creates on a daily basis. Good luck Pam we are all excited for you!

Many thanks to the Lac La Hache Volunteer Fire Department and the Greeny Lake Volunteer Fire Department for providing hampers for some families in need this year.


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