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Twins remember when volunteering was ‘in’

Joyce Bueckert and Janet Boyd remember when everyone volunteered in the 1950s
Janet Boyd, left was at the Lone Butte Community Hall Seniors luncheon with her sister, Joyce Bueckert on Feb. 11. (Fiona Grisswell photo - 100 Mile Free Press)

Twins Joyce Bueckert and Janet Boyd remember when volunteering was the “ in” thing.

Growing up in Lone Butte in the 1950s, everyone pitched in, especially at the dances at the Lone Butte Hall.

“We had lots of fun, there were lots of fun ladies there,” Boyd said. “We’d go there for the day and decorate or we’d do our baking or cooking for the dances. We all got along good together, lots of laughs.”

She said they don’t seem to have that camaraderie anymore, “at least in Watch Lake they don’t.”

The two women raised their families in Lone Butte. Boyd moved to Green Lake after 42 years in the community while Bueckert and her husband lived in Kamloops for a time before moving to 100 Mile House in 2006.

“I used to get excited turning north at Cache Creek to head home,” Bueckert laughed.

The sisters say changing lifestyles are having an effect on volunteerism in the community. With both parents working to make ends meet, they don’t often have time to volunteer as well.

The trend is concerning, they say, as groups and organizations will have shut down with fewer people to step up.

“We’re getting to be antiques,” Boyd laughed.

Growing up, the women remember how the curling rink and bowling alley were hubs of activity.

“There was so much happening in 100 Mile House and people doing so much all the time,” Bueckert said, adding everyone pitched in.

”It’s a great way to get to know people,” she said. “It keeps you busy.”

Boyd said she enjoys helping others. She volunteers with Watch Lake-Green Lake Community Association (WLGLCA), bakes pies for the Watch Lake-North Green Lake Volunteer Fire Department, and helps outs at the community hall for events such as the Christmas dinner. She was even the president of Royal Canadian Legion Branch 260 for a couple of years while her sister was treasurer.

She and her sister also volunteer every year at Lone Butte Rocks.

Bueckert divides her time between the 100 Mile District General Hospital Auxiliary and Creekside Seniors Centre, where she is the treasurer for both organizations. “I love doing it, I love the senior centre,” she said.

Bueckert noted the auxiliary hasn’t had a garage sale for a few years but is hoping to hold one this year. They also hold bake sales, take turns working in the hospital store and take the tuck cart around for the patients - one of her favourite parts of volunteering.

The auxiliary raises money through the gift shop, snack cart for patients, bake sales, raffles and yard sales. The funds raised are used to buy items for patients in acute care.

Volunteering is great, said Bueckert. You get to give back to the community while having fun.

Boyd agreed. “There isn’t anyone else so you do your best to help out.

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